Mum Green Onyx Bangle
Mum Green Onyx Bangle
Mum Green Onyx Bangle
Mum Green Onyx Bangle
Mum Green Onyx Bangle

Mum Green Onyx Bangle

Mum Green Onyx Bangle

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The Mum bangle is a variation of our iconic ring.

A jewel with a vintage look where each gadroon chisels the body of this sparkling dome, this collection pays homage to the past while offering a resolutely modern look.

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Plated with 18 carat fine gold by ecoating*

Fine stone: Green onyx

Two sizes:

S: opening 2.5cm - corresponds to a wrist measuring - 16cm

M: opening 3cm - from a wrist measuring +16 cm

Handmade in Jaipur, created in France.

Ecoating, a process which immerses the part in a bath of gold deposited by electrolysis. This process virtually prevents any change in the color of the jewelry. It also allows for aesthetics of the highest quality.

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Compliance with a few precautions for use and maintenance will allow you to keep your jewelry in good condition for a long time.
The precious stones and metals that make up your jewelry are delicate materials.

It is best to avoid wearing your jewelry in the following situations:

When you wash your hands, to prevent soap deposits from tarnishing your jewelry.
When you carry out activities requiring the use of corrosive products (gardening, cleaning, washing dishes, etc.)
When practicing sports activities to avoid scratches.

We also recommend avoiding:
To perfume yourself while wearing your jewelry: perfume yourself before putting on your jewelry, allowing for a drying time.
Occasional cleaning with a dry cloth will restore shine to your jewelry.

The shine of your jewelry could disappear with inappropriate use over time. How quickly the gilding disappears depends on how you use your jewelry. Patina is the result of perfectly normal natural wear and tear.

Store your jewelry individually and protect your stones from bumps and scratches.