The Universe

Ucciani is a heritage, a passion that was born in her grandmother's jewelry chests, where, every day, she escapes into imaginary worlds, adorns herself as she pleases, and expresses the different facets of her personality .

Very attached to her Corsican roots where family ties are sacred, she finds in jewelry the values ​​dear to her island: secrecy, like a temple to be intimately preserved; transmission, reflection of our soul and our memories; union, where emotional bonds charged with emotion harmonize; tradition: myths and beliefs mixing strange and wonderful.

Ucciani is named in homage to his grandfather from this small village in Corsica, like a talisman.

The creator

It is through the world of fashion and luxury, where she has evolved for more than 20 years, that Jennyfer LECLÉRE has forged her eye and her aesthetic.

This world teaches him a sense of detail and daily questioning, but also to develop daydreaming, imagination and creation.

The quest for meaning is an essential need and transmitting joy and happiness is its leitmotif. She notes that jewelry is an outlet that helps free oneself from the constraints imposed in standardized worlds, which restrict the individual in their uniform. Jewelry never lies!

Combining fantasy with timelessness and a challenge that she wishes to take on. She then designs sunny, colorful and charismatic jewelry to wear every day for an elegant, simple and distinguished look.

Our values




The praise of femininity

Ucciani is a story of women, those who made his childhood a paradise between land and sea.

All creations are very personal, filled with love and memories where the conscious and unconscious roots of the transmission of femininity mix.

Sometimes mother, wife, sister, friend or colleague, radically dissimilar or matched, Jennyfer takes a caring look at the elegance they leave in their wake.

For all these passionate and exciting women, she wants to create jewelry that allows them to express their sensitivity.

The palm tree, quite a symbol

“It reflects the Corsican art of living! Lazy atmosphere, sweetness of life, resilience and strength.”

Exceptional know-how

Our craftsmen put all their know-how into transforming our sketches to make our dreams a reality.

The trust on which we build our relationship allows us to create exceptional collections.

We have mastered jewelry know-how: each creation is made with passion and the details are so meticulous that it becomes difficult to only speak of “fantasy”.

We ensure that each piece of jewelry can be worn for a long time without being altered. To do this, we use high-quality plating with anti-tarnish characteristics that does not contain nickel or lead. Our cataphoresis technique is environmentally friendly because it does not use solvents.

We have a direct source for our semi-precious stones that are ethically sourced from around the world.