The stones

Virtues of stones


This stone protects against negative energies, promotes encounters and creates a comforting atmosphere. To recharge at the full moon.

Lapis lazuli

This stone stimulates benevolence, intelligence of the heart, facilitates communication and promotes inner harmony as well as healthy relationships.


This stone improves sleep, wards off negative thoughts and strengthens self-confidence. Express your emotions. To recharge at the full moon.


This stone combats anger and sadness, promotes optimism and gentleness, encouraging positive feelings.

Green onyx

This stone encourages letting go, offers grounding, strength and courage, and helps accept experiences.

Pink opal

This stone soothes, harmonizes the heart chakra and heals emotional wounds. Charge in natural light or during the full moon.

moon stone

This stone brings softness, appeasement, promotes romantic happiness, harmonizes emotions and supports difficult decisions.

Blue sand stone

This stone boosts optimism and confidence, encouraging one to exploit one's potential and increasing the joy of life.


This stone strengthens anchoring, dissipates stress, increases vitality and self-confidence. Ideal for present anchoring.


This stone strengthens will and determination. To recharge under the light of the full moon to renew your energy.


This stone stimulates love and dynamism, transforms negative energies into positive ones and restores the taste for living.


This stone symbolizes balance and success, combining strength, courage with positive energy, balance and sharing.


This stone increases strength, valor, helps to overcome obstacles, achieve goals and develops serenity.


This stone acts on the throat chakra, symbol of communication. It promotes relationships and strengthens creativity, helping to communicate freely.


This stone of transformation facilitates changes and spiritual development. Emotional balance, it offers peace and psychic protection, repelling negative energies.


This stone of abundance attracts success and prosperity. Its golden light brings solar energy, promoting optimism, creativity, and self-confidence.


This stone calms the mind, encourages mental clarity and spiritual development. It helps to overcome stress and anxiety, promoting inner tranquility.


This stone clarifies the mind, strengthens communication and self-confidence. It soothes, promoting inner peace and improving relationships.

Yellow Tourmaline

This stone, linked to solar energy, stimulates creativity and confidence. It balances the emotions, bringing calm and optimism.


This stone balances energies, promotes grounding and mental clarity. It reduces stress, bringing calm and inner peace.

Lemon Quartz

This stone attracts abundance, stimulates creativity and self-confidence. It radiates positivity, encouraging optimism and joy.

Rock crystal

This stone amplifies energy and clarity of mind. It promotes concentration and memory, harmonizing the body's energies.